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The SNP led Scottish Government took the decision to extend free school meals to children during the school holidays, but sadly their Westminster counterparts south of the border rejected the idea when 322 Conservative MP’s voted against the proposal to provide free school meals to children during the English school holidays

In the middle of a global pandemic with many businesses shut down, 322 Conservative MP’s voted against feeding the nations poorest children during the school holidays

We live in the fifth richest economy in the world no child should ever go hungry, yet the conservative led UK government insists on spending billions on failed vanity projects instead of feeding some of our poorest children

Lucrative Government contracts are often handed out to friends of Conservative MP’s and party donors with very little or no scrutiny

Food parcels sent out by Conservative appointed companies to replace the free school meals during lockdown should of had a retail value of £15.00, but many of the parcels being sent out would have cost less than £5.00 to buy in the shops

Conservative appointed companies are making a huge profit at the tax payers expense for supplying a food parcel containing;
Half a loaf of bread, some cake, two slices of ham, three slices of cheese, one apple, one pear and two bags of crisps

Remember that this is meant to feed a child for a week, and for many kids it may have been the only meal that they would get that day

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